Prettier Than Matt

This is Prettier than Matt.  They are a kick ass folk/rock duo from Columbia, South Carolina that is taking the region by storm. Their covers of "Sittin On The (Dock of The Bay)" and "Dream A Little Dream", their original songs "Miss You" (which happens to be one of my personal favorites), and "No More Tears", are very classic and soothing.  The main singer, Jessica Skinner, who also doubles on the ukulele, has a Mama Cass-like voice.  There is an old soul in this Erskine College graduate's vocals.  As for Jeff Pitts, he is the front man for the band Deleveled and shares vocals as well as guitarist of Prettier than Matt.  He balances the group out well with his rock feel to Jessica's folk sound.

Currently, "No More Tears" can be heard on youtube, and "Miss You", which the video is being shot for, is available on itunes.  They are currently working on their debut album, which has an expected release date of fourth quarter 2011. Take a second to "like" them at http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Prettier-Than-Matt/136888339661970  Check out "Sitting On The (Dock of the Bay)" below:

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