Photo PreviewCherine Anderson is a Reggae artist originally from Kingston, Jamaica.  The reason I chose to feature her is because although I have Caribbean blood running through my veins and I love my island and culture, I am not the biggest Reggae fan in the world.  There are a few artists or songs that an grab my attention, and Cherine is one of them.  When I heard her song "Rebel", I was instantly hooked.  I can see this track becoming my new get-ready-for-the-club anthem.  It is very mellow yet you can still get hyped to it.  How many tracks do you know can do that??  She also gets massive respect from me because before she even put an album out, she collaborated on OFFICIAL remixes with industry legends such as Madonna, and get this... PAUL MCCARTNEY!!!! Please check her out ASAP. This girl needs to blow up in the states NOW!  Check her out at http://www.reverbnation.com/cherineanderson.   Check her video below for "Redemption Songs":

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215-628-3109 or 876-396-6849



Struggle Since Turner Prince (SSTP) is a hiphop group from the Princeville and Tarboro areas in North Carolina.  The group's name was derived from a freed slave name Richard Turner Prince who was born into slavery in 1843. As Prince struggled to go from slavery to self-sufficiency, the group too is following in his footsteps.  The struggle continues to this day as the group is looking to get a distribution recording deal at the same time continuing to record music symbolizing everyday struggles and everyday life as they move forward to their vision of one day making a positive impact in the music industry. The group consists of twelve members: Calvin"K.KUTTA"Hagans, Derik"FLO"Downing, Kendrick"STYXX"Downing, Kenneth"YOUNG MILLZ"Frasier, Davius"DOJABOY"Dozier, Kelcey"ALLPRO"Jones, Quizondos"QB"Boddie, Darrius"REDIE"Wiggins, Chis"HI-FI"Nance, Jerome"YOUNG JABB"Joyner, Trevor"KASTRO"Howell, Corwin"CL"Farmer. To date, the group has done shows in NC,VA,and DC. With FLO, DOJABOY, YOUNG MILLZ, and ALLPRO already having solo mixtapes under their belts, the group as a whole has recorded two mixtapes: "WitnessThe Struggle,Watch The Movement" and 7787-vol 2 and is currently working on their third mixtape:Two-Thousand Turner Prince(20TP) with K.KUTTA, STYXX, and QB, working on their solo debut mixtapes as well.The group is now promoting the upcoming release of FLO and DOJABOY "The Handicap Match" and YOUNG MILLZ "Millzbury" mixtapes. The group has worked with such producers as My Brothers Keeper(MBK), T-Guda, Patrick Holloway,Dominique Callahand and JB da Dealer just to name a few. You can find each member on www.myspace.com/sstp1885.
Check out their video below:
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Jarryd Fillmore

Jarryd Fillmore is one of my new favorites.  He is an acoustic/ blues/ folk singer from Ontario, Canada.  He has a very pure voice that doesn't need  heavy background music, vocals and production.  His guitar is the perfect match for his soothing voice.

On tracks like "Long Days and Longer Nights", the passion is felt from beginning to end.  He reminds me of an early John Mayer.  I could definitely see him covering some Ray Charles or Donny Hathaway.  Please check him out on his youtube channel: www.youtube.com/jarrydfillmoremusic.  Also, check the video below of him performing "Long Days Longer Nights".  Enjoy!

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Novaman/ Joe Barrino

15849_1276446223553_1001907375_30844508_2075777_nCharlotte, North Carolina natives Novaman and Joe Barrino have teamed up and created the anticipated summer anthem "She Want Me".  The Rap/R&B track was produced by Novaman, an artist and CEO of Villain Entertainent.  He also can also add lyricist to the credits, as he is the rapper on the song.  Joe Barrino, brother of Fantasia Barrino, appeared as vocalist on "She Want Me". 

The track will be released on iTunes and Amazon soon, but can requested on local radio stations now.

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Whitney Johnson



SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA7/27 is a Hip Hop/ R&B duo representing Nashville, NC.  They fuse a healthy blend of Neo Soul and real Hip Hop, which is such a rarity these days. 

Young Nell (rapper), lists some of his influences as Big L, Cassidy and Nas.  These influences can be heard throughout his verses.  He's what the game has been missing for a while.  He gets much respect from me for that.  As for Kiarya B. (singer), she has an eclectic voice, that is able to adapt to any melody.  She lists her influences as Jill Scott, Lauryn Hill and SWV, all very powerful voices.

Their current single "Disconnect", a track off of their promo LP entitled "Road to Success", was played on the Independent Spotlight on local radio station Foxy 99 and voted #1 requested song. 

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